Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a fantastic day

Holy cow! Today was a great day. First off, Raul let me sleep in, so I didn't get out of bed till 7:30. Why did he let me sleep in? Well, yesterday wasn't as fantastic, I had to get my funky toe fixed. My poor big toe on my right foot had an ingrown toenail that was hurting real bad. I had heard HORROR stories about having them fixed and put it off as long as I could. It was not bad at all. However, I can't work out on the track for a few days so Raul figured I didn't have to beat the heat and he was a nice hubby and let me sleep. Then Raul watched Julie and Travis while Heidi and I went to go get our hair done. We went to the Toni and Guy school and we both had our hair dyed and then cut. Mine didn't turn out like I expected, but its looks fine. I haven't taken pics of mine yet, but check out how great Heidi looks.

She looks a little drunk in that last one, but I think she's tired from a busy day! Here is a picture of her before, with the rest of my family this morning (though she looks startled lol.)

So last night Travis woke up before I could tell you my fantastic story from yesterday (yesterday wasn't all bad lol). After my appointment to get my toe fixed I had to go to the store and get Epsom salts to soak in. Well when I was leaving the parking lot I apparently didn't come to a complete stop, so I was lucky enough to get pulled over. Lucky me. But thankfully this was no ordinary pull over it was much to fun to get me down. The officer was probably in his early twenties, and he asks for my license and registration, I hand him my license and am fishing through my glove box for the registration and he asks "whats in the bag."
Me: "epsom salts and a new tooth brush"
The cop: "no, the black bag."
Me: "oh, that's my breast pump."
The cop: "your what?"
Me: "my breast pump"
The cop: "What is a breast pump?"
Me: (I open the top and pull out the part that attaches) "I put this on my breast, and pump milk out for my 3 month old when I am gone for long periods of time"
The cop: oh (with a look of sheer disgust and hands back my lisence)

The poor guy. I totally ruined boobs for him. I am not sure he knew that they had any other purpose then for guys to enjoy! I do feel slightly bad about that. lol. My dad said they must not have prepared them for such a response in training. To think, this poor kid is going to go back to his station and tell other poor guys and boobs will be ruined for all men. Muahahahaha


Anonymous said...

Well Good Job Marci!!! THAT poor defenseless COP! That is just too funny!

CARLY said...

Oh. My. God. That is funny!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!

I just love Heidi's hair and is that a little pink dye in there like she's been wanting?! It looks so cute!